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Beginners Pilates

Never done Pilates before?  START HERE.  

Learn how amazing Pilates can make you feel, how it can reduce aches and pains and stress especially as we get older. 

Learn the Basic Principles of Pilates first to ensure that you experience a safe, effective and enjoyable workout.  

In this Membership you’ll gain access not only to videos on the Basic Principles of Pilates but also to a library of the beginner exercises and workouts where you’ll be able to practise applying the basic principles.

Then you’re all set up to move up to the improvers level.

Improvers Pilates

Take your Pilates journey to the next level with my Improvers Pilates Membership.  Build upon the principles and exercizes learned in the Beginners Pilates Membership.  It will take you on an exciting journey where you’ll learn how to increase the intensity, variety and in some cases complexity of exercises learned in the Beginner Pilates Membership.  This is where you really begin to look better, feel better and be better.

Pure Strength

Strength Training is important for the Over 60’s to maintain quality of life, reduce risk of disability in later life and to keep the bones strong.

The Pure Strength Membership comprises a set of 4 beginner videos which cover safe and effective technique  for basic strength training exercises.   The resistance used is bodyweight, flexbands and dumbbells.

Further videos feature ways to increase the intensity and effectiveness of exercises in a wide range of workouts.

Cardio Energy

Cardiovascular exercise, also called Aerobic exercise, is an important part of staying fit and healthy at any age. As you age, you may need to decrease impact levels from high to moderate or low but the guidelines stay the same of exercising hard enough (50%-70% of your maximum heart rate) and long enough (150 minutes per week of moderate intensity) to keep the heart and lungs strong.

My Cardio videos provide you with lots of variety (Low Impact Aerobics, Step, LIIT,Brainfit and Power) and workout lengths from 10-60 mins.

Stretch Release Relax

Stretching, releasing tension and relaxing your mind and body reduces stress levels, improves the quality of your sleep and also teaches mindfulness.

Slow controlled gentle exercises are used in conjunction with foam rollers, prickly balls and small soft balls to lead you to a special sense of wellbeing.



Find out how you can live your best life ater 60.

Choose from a variety of topics including workshops on Brain Health, Osteoporosis, Sciatica and more.

Understand how important exercise is in reducing your risk of getting a lifestyle disease like obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancer and others.

Get educated with the facts from the latest research.

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